PMP Quiz 14 February 2019

The organization has grown rapidly in the last two years. Many employees have been given project management responsibilities to help the organization reach the objectives established for the next 12 months. The staff of the PMO has been trained on their role in managing the projects. With all the staff additions, there is disagreement over the best approach to complete a project. In the company's monthly training session, the PMO staff will be clarifying the approach. They have started to outline how to present the information and have agreed on the following: The project management processes can be categorized into five groups. These process groups are linked by the results they produce. The outputs of one often become the inputs to another. What is the most appropriate sequence of the five project management process groups?
  • Initiating, executing, monitoring and controlling, planning, closing
  • Initiating, planning, monitoring and controlling, executing, closing
  • Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing
  • Initiating, monitoring and controlling, planning, executing, closing