PMP Quiz 14 January 2019

The project manager spent several hours every week composing written updates of project progress, and she required several team leaders to do the same. These reports were all distributed to senior management who had requested that they be updated regularly about this important project. In spite of these comprehensive reports, the project manager received frequent questions from senior management about the status of the project. This was frustrating to her, as the information requested was generally included in the reports. After several weeks of this, she met with the managers, and expressed her frustration that they were apparently not reading the reports that she and the team leads invested so much time into creating. The managers’ response was that the reports were too detailed and lengthy and that they would prefer a bulleted list of project highlights. They also noted that receiving such reports on a biweekly basis would likely meet their needs. Where is the best place for the project manager to document this feedback?
  • Meeting minutes
  • Lessons learned register
  • Requirements traceability matrix
  • Project management information system