PMP Quiz 22 January 2019

When checking the calendar of a team member to schedule a meeting, you see she has scheduled a meeting with a key stakeholder that you were not informed of. This stakeholder has been vocal in her concern that her requirements for the project have been ignored and that she doesn't think you are a good project manager. You know that the stakeholder and the team member are friends outside of the organization and their children are in school together. There is a PMO policy in the organization that the project manager is to be informed of, and invited to, all project-related meetings. This is a functional organization that has struggled with communications and stakeholder participation. You have heard that the team member thinks the PMO policy regarding notifying and inviting the project manager is intrusive and slows down the interaction with stakeholders, and that project managers are not available because of multiple projects and too many meetings. She doesn't feel trusted, and is frustrated. Her complaints have been reported to other departmental leaders, and the PMO has been asked to review the policy. The best approach would be to:
  • Address the concern with the team member.
  • Avoid mentioning it to the team member but continue to watch her activities.
  • Address the concern with the team member's manager.
  • Notify the PMO about the problem.