PMP Quiz 22 January 2019

When checking the calendar of a team member to schedule a meeting, you see she has scheduled a meeting with a key stakeholder that you were not informed of. This stakeholder has been vocal in her concern that her requirements for the project have been ignored and that she doesn't think you are a good project manager. You know that the stakeholder and the team member are friends outside of the organization and their children are in school together. There is a PMO policy in the organization that the project manager is to be informed of, and invited to, all project-related meetings. This is a functional organization that has struggled with communications and stakeholder participation. You have heard that the team member thinks the PMO policy regarding notifying and inviting the project manager is intrusive and slows down the interaction with stakeholders, and that project managers are not available because of multiple projects and too many meetings. She doesn't feel trusted, and is frustrated. Her complaints have been reported to other departmental leaders, and the PMO has been asked to review the policy. The best approach would be to:

PMP Quiz 21 January 2019

Your project team has been informally meeting with sellers to discuss the sellers' "best practices" relative to upcoming potential work from your company. One seller has repeatedly asked what other sellers you have been meeting with. This time, he offers you tickets to a sporting event. What is the best response?

PMP Quiz 18 January 2019

While completing a project, a worker strike in the seller's city has resulted in the required deliverable being late. What is generally the best thing for the project manager to do?

PMP Quiz 17 January 2019

Testing the entire population would:

PMP Quiz 16 January 2019

During project executing, a project team member informs the project manager that based on her observations, the project cannot meet the quality standards set for it. The project manager meets with all parties concerned to analyze the situation. Which part of the quality management process is the project manager involved in?

PMP Quiz 15 January 2019

The engineering resource group has a policy of no salary bonuses for project work. The project manager's current project has an aggressive schedule and a difficult technical obstacle to overcome. A new product offering is dependent on this project's success in the current schedule. The project manager has heard grumbling from his team members about the fact that they cannot be rewarded for their effort. What is the first thing the project manager should do?

PMP Quiz 14 January 2019

The project manager spent several hours every week composing written updates of project progress, and she required several team leaders to do the same. These reports were all distributed to senior management who had requested that they be updated regularly about this important project. In spite of these comprehensive reports, the project manager received frequent questions from senior management about the status of the project. This was frustrating to her, as the information requested was generally included in the reports. After several weeks of this, she met with the managers, and expressed her frustration that they were apparently not reading the reports that she and the team leads invested so much time into creating. The managers’ response was that the reports were too detailed and lengthy and that they would prefer a bulleted list of project highlights. They also noted that receiving such reports on a biweekly basis would likely meet their needs. Where is the best place for the project manager to document this feedback?

PMP Quiz 11 January 2019

Your company wants to assign a resource to your project and asks you to bill that resource to the customer. This concerns you because you get a bonus for maximizing billings to the customer. What is the best thing to do?

PMP Quiz 10 January 2019

The call center’s response time has increased in recent months, resulting in numerous complaints from dissatisfied customers. Several employees have quit their jobs in the call center, as they were tired of dealing with disgruntled callers. You have been working with the business analyst and stakeholders on a project chartered to understand the problem and to determine a solution. There are diverging opinions, but through facilitation and analysis work you have a clear picture of what is desired, and have balanced and prioritized stakeholders’ needs. Which of the following would be the best place to record this information?

PMP Quiz 9 January 2019

A project is in progress, and the project manager is working with the quality department to improve stakeholders' confidence that the project will satisfy the quality standards. Which of the following are all outputs of this process?