PMP Quiz 8 January 2019

Which of the following would generally lead to the least amount of quality improvement?

PMP Quiz 7 January 2019

You are managing a project on which your team is physically located with client personnel at a remote location. There is a high level of interaction between your team and client personnel, and client satisfaction is considered very important. Since the client is expressing a very high level of satisfaction with the project's progress, your management has indicated no concerns about the project. However, you are behind schedule and over budget. In addition, morale among team members is low, and several team members have talked about quitting. Team members complain regularly about priority adjustments and alteration of activities. The weekly reports you receive about activities completed are often difficult to relate to the WBS and the project management plan. What action should you take to most effectively address these problems?

PMP Quiz 28 December 2018

Which of the following factors is not considered to be a project constraint?

PMP Quiz 27 December 2018

Which of the following are tools and techniques of the Conduct Procurements process?

PMP Quiz 26 December 2018

During the first half of the project, five team members left for other projects without being replaced, two team members went on vacation without informing you, and other team members expressed uncertainty about the work they were to complete. In this situation, it is best if you create which of the following for the second half of the project?

PMP Quiz 25 December 2018

The project manager and one of the team leads are preparing some questions to ask the team that implemented the statistical sampling test. Since the results were different than expected, they want to be sure all those involved in the implementation followed the instructions properly. Which of the following are they involved in?

PMP Quiz 24 December 2018

While the project is being completed, management requests a change. What is the first thing the project manager should do?

PMP Quiz 21 December 2018

The project team is struggling to meet deadlines and stay within the cost baseline on a project. Although it was well planned, many unforeseeable events have occurred, and it is taking a toll on the team members. In addition to adjusting work to overcome these obstacles, the project manager is focusing on communication and maintaining positive attitudes among the team. This is an example of:

PMP Quiz 20 December 2018

If a risk event has a 90 percent chance of occurring, and the consequences will be US $10,000, what does US $9,000 represent?

PMP Quiz 19 December 2018

Double declining balance is a form of: