PMP Quiz 4 December 2018

Which of the following is the best order of topics for the seller to negotiate?

PMP Quiz 3 December 2018

All of the following are outputs of the Close Project or Phase process except:

PMP Quiz 30 November 2018

You have a very accurate WBS and WBS dictionary as parts of your scope baseline. These have helped with the estimating process. You expect that the WBS dictionary will help team members clearly understand each work package: what needs to be completed, what must be included, and the boundaries of each interim deliverable at the work package level. During a walkthrough of a work package, you discover a team member is completing the work differently than stated in the WBS dictionary. How should you deal with this?

PMP Quiz 29 November 2018

Your team is assessing options to deal with a problem on the project. A team member has a copy of a software program on his home computer that he offers to you at no cost because it may solve the problem. What should you do?

PMP Quiz 28 November 2018

The project is expected to take four years. The project team members will not all be coming on at the start of the project, but rather will join and leave the team as needed. Historically, projects similar to this one have been volatile, and the work very intense. Therefore, conflict between team members is almost inevitable. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques will generate the most lasting solution?

PMP Quiz 22 November 2018

The organization is about to begin a series of similar projects. The projects will be managed consecutively. Each project involves developing an online cooking video focused on foods appropriate to the month in which they will be released. For example, the summer videos will include picnic food and cool treats, and the December video will feature holiday foods for Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. The project sponsor is adamant that the management plan for each project includes an emphasis on making the best possible use of the lessons learned register. He believes that other projects have not been successful because they failed to take advantage of lessons learned from previously completed projects. The lessons learned register should be updated:

PMP Quiz 21 November 2018

All the following occur during the Close Project or Phase process except:

PMP Quiz 19 November 2018

A scope change is made on the project. You have determined the effect on the schedule, performed integrated change control, and adjusted the project baselines and the project management plan. What is the next thing to do?

PMP Quiz 15 November 2018

A project manager working for a construction company works closely with a design firm. One of his responsibilities is to negotiate and approve bid documents with the design firm. The design firm offers the project manager a job with the firm, which he accepts. When the project manager gives his two weeks’ notice to the construction company, he does not mention that the design firm will be employing him. For the next two weeks, the project manager continues to negotiate and approve bids and designs submitted by the design firm. In this situation:

PMP Quiz 14 November 2018

A seller on your project tells you he no longer thinks the project will provide the benefits he wanted when he signed the contract. Because of this, he does not believe it is in his best interest to continue. What should you do first?