PMP Quiz 13 November 2018

Four stakeholders have noted that major change is required on the contract. A project manager is documenting the change request when he receives a call from the seller informing him the seller's supplier has notified them of a price increase effective the next day. The seller is therefore asking for the change to become official right away. Generally, the project manager should:

PMP Quiz 12 November 2018

A project manager is quantifying risk for her project. Several of her experts are offsite, but wish to be included. How can this be done?

PMP Quiz 8 November 2018

A company attorney, newly hired by the company, walks into the project manager's office and tells her that he is ready to work with her on the procurement process. The project manager has little experience with procurement, so she is excited to have the assistance. With which of the following would it be best for the project manager to ask the attorney for help?

PMP Quiz 7 November 2018

In creating a resource management plan, how should a project manager use rewards?

PMP Quiz 6 November 2018

You have received a deliverable from another project in the program that the project you are managing is a part of. It is a prototype of a new communication device. When you start to work with the prototype, you notice that it is missing several parts, and you are not able to continue with your work. Which tool should have been used to prevent a faulty prototype being given to you?

PMP Quiz 5 November 2018

A project team budgeted US $3,000 for the work performed and has spent US $4,000 to date. If they budgeted US $5,000 for the work scheduled, what is the cost variance (CV)?

PMP Quiz 2 November 2018

You are planning communications on a new service development project. Your stakeholder list is large, but not terribly complicated. Not all stakeholders will understand the need for developing an actual communications plan, and you already have good relationships with most stakeholders on this project. What is one of the major driving forces for communication on a project?

PMP Quiz 1 November 2018

You have identified a diverse group of stakeholders, and you will need to report information in a variety of ways to meet all their different communications needs. When will you use a milestone chart instead of a bar chart?

PMP Quiz 31 October 2018

Which risk management process most affects the project management plan?

PMP Quiz 30 October 2018

Which of the following statements represents a fixed price incentive fee (FPIF) contract?