PMP Quiz 25 October 2018

As a project manager, you will create and accumulate a number of documents during each of the project's phases. Some of these will be completed early, are unlikely to be updated during the project. Others will be maintained throughout the course of the project as living documents. When should you archive documents as historical records for future projects?

PMP Quiz 24 October 2018

Which of the following is not a rule regarding meeting management?

PMP Quiz 23 October 2018

The organization that you work for has notified all project managers that they need to select contracts that will help the organization to control costs, wherever possible. For a new software development project that has complete, detailed requirements, you now need to select a contract type. Negotiations with the vendor will be necessary if they are not readily prepared to accept the desired contract. Which is the best type of contract for this project?

PMP Quiz 22 October 2018

Which of the following best describes a project management plan?

PMP Quiz 19 October 2018

The work breakdown structure is created by:

PMP Quiz 18 October 2018

You have been assigned to create a project charter for a project to implement an internal website in your company. This project is expected to use a software platform new to your IT department. Stakeholders identified to date have expressed conflicting opinions about the website's basic functions. While confirming its high priority, management is hesitant to commit sufficient funds. You are meeting tomorrow with a seller who seems most qualified to design and implement the website. What should you do first?

PMP Quiz 17 October 2018

A project manager is gathering data with the team to determine how various factors might be linked to potential problems. In what part of the quality management process is the project manager working?

PMP Quiz 16 October 2018

A project manager is planning a project when he discovers the project has many different deliverables, which must be completed in a sequence—with each deliverable dependent on starting after the previous one is completed. What is the best thing the project manager can do?

PMP Quiz 15 October 2018

A project has suffered many delays and the project manager has moved resources around, spent more time with risk management, and even fast tracked the project where possible. The project must be completed by its originally agreed-upon date, as resources are needed for another project at that time. The project manager is about to meet with the customer to tell them the product scope needs to be cut when you stop him. What would you advise him to do?

PMP Quiz 12 October 2018

You're involving the business analyst, the designers and engineers, the quality and testing experts, and the representatives from the business in planning, and are reviewing the key information available to help make the best decisions for the project. Which of the following information about the project would never be available during project planning?