PMP Quiz 12 October 2018

You're involving the business analyst, the designers and engineers, the quality and testing experts, and the representatives from the business in planning, and are reviewing the key information available to help make the best decisions for the project. Which of the following information about the project would never be available during project planning?

PMP Quiz 11 October 2018

A project manager measures the project against the project management plan to determine if the project is in control. Which of the following is also done in project monitoring and controlling?

PMP Quiz 10 October 2018

Barriers can hinder communication when sending or receiving information. Communication can be particularly difficult when the team is not collocated, are from different cultures, and speak different languages. Which of the following is not a barrier?

PMP Quiz 9 October 2018

A fixed-price contract is a good contract type when you can accurately estimate and control costs. While this strategy confers advantages, it can be difficult at times for all concerned parties to reap its full benefits. Who has the cost risk in a fixed-price (FP) contract?

PMP Quiz 8 October 2018

The project has been going relatively well, although there have been some problems with resource availability and the project scope has changed more than was expected. The project is now completing one of its phases. Of all decisions, the sponsor must consider during an end-of-phase review meeting, the most difficult is:

PMP Quiz 1 October 2018

You are the project manager at a media company. You have been busy working on a large campaign that will result in print, TV, social media, and online ads for your client, a hardware manufacturer. The campaign is expected to be very innovative, as it includes so many different media outlets. You and your team completed all the work specified in the procurement statement of work and the final deliverable has been received by the customer. The customer has confirmed that the deliverable satisfies the contract requirements. From your perspective, what is the status of the project?

PMP Quiz 29 September 2018

After the kickoff meeting, two team members engage in a casual conversation about the project objectives and deliverables. It is clear they heard different messages during the meeting. One team member is so adamant that the other team member gives up arguing the point. In talking to the project manager, the second team member confirms that the first team member is mistaken. At this point, what is the best course of action?

PMP Quiz 28 September 2018

There have been numerous changes on your project. All approved changes are best reflected in the:

PMP Quiz 27 September 2018

The project manager has noticed there have been a lot of changes on the project. This was not considered to be a problem until one day he discovers he cannot determine how many scope changes are currently being reviewed. This problem indicates an error in which of the following?

PMP Quiz 26 September 2018

Instead of celebrating the end of the project, the stakeholders are breathing a sigh of relief. None of them were confident the project would meet the end date. Which of the following is probably not one of the reasons this project had difficulty?